Big news! The Āpōpō Guide is now available! Read more here: The Āpōpō Guide

As we advance towards the launch of The Āpōpō Guide, we wanted to share with you what The Āpōpō Guide means to us as an organisation, and why it will be important for asset management professionals across Aotearoa New Zealand (and beyond).

Who better to explain this than our President, Priyani de Silva-Currie.

As well as being the President of Āpōpō, Priyani is also the National Leader for Asset Management at Beca. Priyani has nearly 10 years experience as the National Asset Management Leader within a New Zealand consultancy with a background in Buildings and Property and a broad Asset Management base spanning all public infrastructure sectors.

In this interview, Priyani shared with us why The Āpōpō Guide is going to be important to Aotearoa New Zealand, as our first indigenous asset management guidance piece. The guide’s approach is unique to Aotearoa, but applicable across the world. We have achieved this by weaving together Mātauranga Māori with the best of our asset management knowledge from many contributing subject matter experts.

Priyani also shared how supportive the industry has been in creating the guide, and the benefit of having so many of our industry partners come together for this initiative.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we get closer and closer to the guide’s launch. We are excited to embark on this new phase of striving for infrastructure asset management excellence with you, and witness the positive impact it has on our community. Check out our website for past emailed content and more information.