Corporate Partners

The Āpōpō Partners and NAMS Partners support programme is:

  • An exclusive offering to industry partners
  • To enable industry participants to influence and actively participate in the development of the public asset management profession
  • To assist highlighting the importance of asset management in public works infrastructure, by being ambassadors for asset management throughout industry
  • To provide industry participants with a platform to be seen as leaders in asset management
  • To ensure Āpōpō has close and mutually valuable relationships with industry
  • To provide Āpōpō with ready and varied access to expertise across all public asset management disciplines.

To find out more about becoming a corporate partner of Āpōpō, please contact Emily Liddell.

Our partners

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Āpōpō Partner: Aecom

Who is AECOM?

Our vision is a world where infrastructure creates opportunity for everyone – uplifting communities, improving access and sustaining our planet.

We bring together the best people, ideas and technical expertise and partner with clients to turn their ambitions into action.

We offer full global, multi-discipline, cross sector engineering, planning, programme and project management, cost management and advisory services.  Advisory services include:

  • Asset Management Advisory
  • Risk Management Advisory
  • Sustainability and Resilience Advisory
  • Business Case Development
  • Programme Management Advisory
  • Cost Management and Procurement Advisory

Why are you an Āpōpō partner?

Infrastructure underpins the wellbeing of our communities and economy. Āpōpō, with the support of its Partners, is the leading industry-based organisation to help our public entities best plan, provide and manage this infrastructure. 

The Partner Programme enables cross-organisational collaboration and the framework to continuously drive innovation, thought leadership and excellence. 

Ian Martin

Technical Director Strategic Asset Management

Āpōpō Partner: Aurecon

Who is Aurecon?

Aurecon is a design, engineering and advisory company that ​​brings ideas to life to create a better future for people and the planet.

Our experience, knowledge and data sets allow us to provide an independent and validated perspective to our clients’ organisations. Our cross-functional team enables us to work at all levels, appreciating that sustainable change does not just come from the top. Our commercial lens, combined with our engineering backbone, enables us to ensure our clients’ decisions are about a better business, not just a better asset. We operate across the entire asset lifecycle, enabling us to bridge technical outcomes with business requirements.

We serve our clients across a range of markets and international locations. Hardwired in our DNA are engineering, design and the deep need to leave a legacy. Our asset management advisory services are based around the need to balance risk, cost and performance to realise a sustainable future:

  • Asset management strategy
  • Risk advisory
  • Procurement advisory
  • Operations performance & assurance
  • Asset assurance
  • Sustainability and climate change

Why are you an Āpōpō partner?

Aotearoa New Zealand is more interconnected, complex and dynamic than any stage in our history.

Our long-term economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing is underpinned by uplifting infrastructure asset performance.

Aurecon, through this partnership with Āpōpō, will support organisations to navigate this complexity and make the right decisions in how they manage their assets today, and to meet the needs of future generations.

Matthew Willard

Director, Strategic Asset Management, Aurecon

Āpōpō Partner: Beca

Who is Beca?

Our vision is: Creative People Together Transforming Our World

Make Everyday Better – our purpose reflects our culture, our aspirations and our vision. We create value through understanding and delivering successful solutions, exceptional service and our enduring relationships and use our skills and systems to empower innovation; helping our clients shape sustainable communities, optimise their assets and streamline their operations.

Why are you an Āpōpō partner?

The vision and mission of Āpōpō is shared by Beca, we wish to support sustainable communities, collaborate with industry through asset management excellence in the services we provide.

Beca through its leadership in public works asset management seeks to enhance the professional mana of this industry within New Zealand.

Garry Macdonald

Market Segment Director, Beca

Āpōpō Partner: GHD

Who is GHD?

We are committed to solving the world’s biggest challenges in the areas of water, energy, transport, and urbanisation.

GHD is a global professional services company that leads through engineering, planning, construction, architectural and asset management expertise. We believe successful communities need to be connected, resilient, productive, and inspired.


Why are you an Āpōpō partner?

GHD and Āpōpō share a mutual commitment to creating long-lasting benefits for our communities.

Through our expertise in infrastructure planning, technical innovations, and digital technologies, we aspire to drive efficiencies and growth through the provision of sustainable solutions. Partnering with Āpōpō is an opportunity for us to develop and strengthen the public asset management profession alongside others in our industry. 

Glen Syred

Executive Advisor, GHD


+64 274721390

NAMS Partner: Adapt Solutions

NAMS Partner: Just Add Lime

NAMS Partner: Morrison Low

Who is Morrison Low?

Morrison Low offers strategic asset management, procurement, waste management, organisational review, three waters reform, programme reviews, central government, strategic planning, business cases, housing, transportation, financial consulting, facilities management, long term plans, open space management, commercial.

Why are you a NAMS partner?

Morrison Low aims and continues to be a at the forefront in providing strategic advice to our local and central government clients that is considered industry best practice.

We are actively involved with industry leadership roles and providing thought leadership.

Cushla Anich



+64 21 763 303

Āpōpō Partner: PDP

Who is PDP?

Creative thinking and sound business acumen, helps our clients make informed and confident decisions about the important infrastructure, cultural and environmental challenges facing Aotearoa New Zealand.

We bring hands-on experience in strategy, consultation, planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance – allowing us to take a holistic view of our client’s businesses, with the understanding that whatever the issue we are solving, people are central to the decisions both we and our clients make, including boards, iwi, staff, customers, and other stakeholders.

We help our clients with a range of services including:

  • Strategic asset management
  • Climate adaptation & resilience
  • Māori and cultural advisory
  • Master planning
  • Infrastructure investment optimisation
  • Change management
  • Custom digital solutions
  • Organisational capacity building

Why are you an Āpōpō partner?

PDP and Āpōpō share a common goal for creating sustainable outcomes for our communities, through strategic advice, creative thinking, and innovation.

Our partnership with Āpōpō is an opportunity for us to be at the forefront of asset management, work collaboratively with other organisations and contribute to a better future.

Tony Urquhart

Technical Director – Infrastructure Advisory

NAMS Partner: SPM Assets

Who is SPM Assets?

SPM specialise in asset management planning for built assets, helping asset intensive organisations make better decisions about where to focus their attention and investment, in order to achieve their strategic outcomes.

Our cloud-based software and team of asset management experts help organisations to achieve compliance, reduce risk, prioritise projects, and deliver cost savings.

Why are you a NAMS partner?

As a long-time NAMS Partner our objective is to have continuous, open and meaningful collaboration with other industry leaders.

Collectively we want to raise the bar in terms of how asset management is practiced, so that asset related decisions made today are sustainable tomorrow.

Āpōpō Partner: Stantec

Who is Stantec?

Communities are fundamental. Whether around the corner or across the globe, they provide a foundation, a sense of place and of belonging. That’s why at Stantec, we always design with community in mind.

We care about the communities we serve—because they’re our communities too. We’re designers, engineers, scientists, and project managers, innovating together at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships. Balancing these priorities results in projects that advance the quality of life in communities across the globe. 

Stantec trades on the TSX and the NYSE under the symbol STN. Visit us at stantec.com or find us on social media.

Why are you an Āpōpō partner?

Our partnership with Āpōpō embodies one of our core beliefs at Stantec—we’re better together. Bolstered by our shared values and aims, the opportunities for professional development and shared expertise are invaluable as we and our industry continue to evolve.

Like Āpōpō, we envision innovative, sustainable solutions that build strength within our communities and environment. At Stantec, our multidisciplinary global team brings international learnings and best practice that help us achieve this goal in New Zealand.

David Hogg

Regional Director, Water

Āpōpō Partner: Thinkproject

Who is Thinkproject?

Our vision: To be a leader in asset management, helping the industry to manage assets efficiently and sustainably for the benefit of future generations.

Our focus: To unlock the potential of people and information through digital technologies, enabling better industry results. 

Services available:

  • Software development
  • Consultancy
  • Data migration
  • Implementation
  • Training

Why are you an Āpōpō partner?

We’re partnering with Āpōpō to support and promote industry best practice and our shared commitment to excellence in asset management.

Through innovative digital technologies, we’re transforming asset management by shifting from static, textual datasets to dynamic, data-rich solutions with the application of 2D, 3D and 4D visualisation principles.

Fleur Tytheridge

Regional Sales Manager ANZ

Āpōpō Partner: Tonkin + Taylor

Āpōpō Partner: Waugh Infrastructure

Who is Waugh Infrastructure?

Waugh Infrastructure Management is a management consulting company that assists governments, councils and municipalities with the full range of infrastructure asset management planning services across the strategic, tactical and operational areas of infrastructure management.

Our focus is to help leave future generations a much better world than the one we have inherited by serving communities through the practice of infrastructure management.

We are experts in providing infrastructure management services to government authorities (including local and municipal government), public and utility services clients.

Our infrastructure management specialists have wide domain expertise. We work across infrastructure types, and have completed a broad range of New Zealand and international assignments.

Why are you an Āpōpō partner?

Waugh Infrastructure Management has supported the work and mission of Āpōpō over the past 20 years+.

Becoming an Āpōpō Partner allows us to continue to and increase our support Āpōpō as our profession looks to meet the infrastructure challenges and opportunities of the coming decades.

Ross Waugh

+64 21 2496547

PO Box 827


Āpōpō Partner: WSP

Who is WSP?

We’re proud of the unique value we bring to our clients at WSP. With unrivalled local knowledge harnessed from 150 years of pioneering the important infrastructure and environments of New Zealand.

We believe that for societies to thrive, we must all hold ourselves accountable for tomorrow. That means creating innovative solutions for the challenges of the future. It’s this mindset that inspires us to stay curious, act locally, and think internationally.

We develop creative, comprehensive and sustainable engineering solutions for a future where society can thrive. Equipped with an intimate understanding of local intricacies, world-class talent and proactive leadership, we plan, design, manage and engineer long lasting and impactful solutions to uniquely complex problems.

Why are you an Āpōpō partner?

Working together with our clients and partners, collaboratively.

Gary Porteous