Membership of Āpōpō really grows your infrastructure asset management career.

– Murray Pugh, CE of Āpōpō


Why join Āpōpō?

Membership with Āpōpō amplifies your voice with key decision makers, celebrates your successes, and provides professional development to motivate and inspire you to deliver the infrastructure which our communities depend on.

You deserve a voice to celebrate your work, upskill and remain inspired and engaged in this vital industry. Our communities depend on the infrastructure which YOU build and maintain.

We empower you as infrastructure asset professionals – whether students, emerging or experienced – through professional development and industry insight and representation.

Be part of creating sustainable communities enabled by public asset management excellence through:

Āpōpō members at a networking meeting
"Āpōpō membership provides us with networking, knowledge gained from other points of view, seminars/conferences. Branch meetings all help my staff too."
- Erik, Āpōpō member
Professional development session
Professional development at a branch meeting. Photo courtesy of Geotechnics.

Discounted professional development

  • 10% discount on all Āpōpō training courses (in-person and online)
  • Significant discounts off events (including the annual conference and forums)
  • A broad range of New Zealand training courses are available including:
    1. Digital badges
    2. Online training courses
    3. Face to face training courses
    4. In-house training courses
  • Free attendance at branch meetings – an excellent opportunity to:
    • Network
    • Hear inspirational presentations from experts in their fields
    • Get Āpōpō updates and offerings from the branch chair
    • Discuss your needs.
"As many would echo: The networking was very valuable. My team spent some time to review the content internally and this has been even more useful. Well done to the organisers for the dinner and event... very valuable and I look forward to the next one!"
- Forum attendee

Access to technical communities, resources
and expertise

Gain access to specialised knowledge, industry best practice, manuals and resources online.

Get involved with special interest groups who run events and provide technical expertise:

  • Land Development Engineers Group (LDEG)
  • Infrastructure Decision Support (IDS)
  • Roading Information Management Support (RIMS)
  • National Asset Management Support (NAMS)
The Āpōpō Guide - cover
The Āpōpō Guide
Asset Management for Social Housing

Industry recognition & awards

Gain recognition for your projects, thought leadership, and achievements through the annual Āpōpō Awards:

"Entry into the Āpōpō Awards delivers multiple benefits to all...  I fully recommend to anyone entering the Āpōpō Awards. The effort required will be paid back many times over."
- David, Āpōpō member
2020 award winners in the Environment and Sustainability Award category

The latest news, research and best practice

  • Fortnightly intouch e-newsletter detailing latest news from the industry, thought leadership and upcoming events.
  • Fortnightly Professional Development email with the latest online and in-person training opportunities.
Fortnightly newsletters to keep you current
The Beehive parliament building at dusk on November 14th 2012.

Connections to government and industry as trusted advisors

  • A stronger voice in local and central government and advocacy as a respected industry body
  • Owners of industry standards such as the internationally recognised Internal Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM)
  • Nomination to standards setting committees and technical working groups/bodies.
"Āpōpō are working hard to help find solutions to some of the industry's biggest problems."
- Kaye, Āpōpō member

Join now to 30 June 2024 at current rates

Standard Membership / Āpōpō Guide Subscription

NZ$330.00 excl GST now, and NZ$330.00 excl GST on July 1st each year

Emerging Membership / Āpōpō Guide Subscription

NZ$220.00 excl GST now, and NZ$220.00 excl GST on July 1st each year

Senior Membership / Āpōpō Guide Subscription

NZ$90.00 excl GST now, and NZ$90.00 excl GST on July 1st each year

Student Membership / Āpōpō Guide Subscription

NZ$0.00 excl GST now, and NZ$0.00 excl GST on July 1st each year

Your Membership Badge

To celebrate our members and to spread the message of sustainable communities enabled by public asset management excellence, all members will receive their own digital membership badge!

Upon joining Āpōpō, receive your own Āpōpō membership badge highlighting your commitment to asset management, as well as your pursuit of asset management knowledge and best practices.

Your badge uses unique meta-data to link it just to you! Share on LinkedIn and email to share your commitment to our industry!


Other reasons to join


Networking opportunities

Each year Āpōpō hosts around 14 face-to-face networking opportunities for people in the public works sector.


Digital badges

Āpōpō has more than 22 'digital badges' available: online learning courses that earn you a recognisable industry qualification. Members earn a discount on all badges.


Conferences / forums

As a member of Āpōpō you earn a discount on registration to the annual Āpōpō conference, RIMs Forum, Water Asset Management Forum, Land Development Forum and NAMS Forum.


Community members

When you join Āpōpō you join 950 other asset management professionals. When we join together we create a strong voice as a respected industry body.