On Friday 3 May Clare Hamilton of Tauranga City Council shared her experience in Land Development – the complexities of the dicipline, and how to better deliver land development projects. Clares presentation was followed by a Q&A session.

Clare fell into the Development Engineering world by accident nearly 10 years ago and hasn’t looked back. She has had the privilege of working in two of the fastest growing districts in New Zealand, firstly at Selwyn District Council as the Development Engineering Manager and now at Tauranga City Council as the Development Engineering and Urban Design Team Leader. Through her experience she understands the technical detail involved in creating assets through consenting, the important stakeholder relationships that need to be built and the overarching processes that tie back to District Plans and the RMA.

She has been on the committee for the Land Development Engineering Special Interest Group that sits within Āpōpō for 9 years and has enjoyed representing this industry over that time. She also co-authored the first Land Development Engineering Digital Badge, LD101 and sat on the National Transition Unit’s Land Development Working Group for Water Services Reform.

You can view the recording of the session here:


What is Lunch and Learn? 

Lunch and Learn is our monthly online web series, aimed at infrastructure asset management professionals who new to the industry. Each session will have a different speaker sharing insight on their time in the industry.

These free sessions allow new professionals to korero, learn, and connect with others who are new to working in infrastructure asset management. They are a forum to ask questions and learn best practice from a line-up of experienced experts.

Who can join?

Lunch and Learn is open to anyone who has less than five years of professional work experience – including Āpōpō members and non-members. Feel free to bring your lunch to this online session, keep in mind we will ask that you have your camera on for part of the session, particularly for the introductions and Q&A at the end (intros and Q&A will be cut from the recording before it is posted).

Here are the next two we have planned, but keep an eye on our events page for future sessions.