Ventia’sTransmission Gully ISO55001 Certification” is a finalist in the Improvement Award category at the 2024 Āpōpō Awards.

Our journey towards ISO 55001 certification was a strategic initiative aimed at bolstering our commitment to asset management principles. Commenced in January 2020 and completed in December 2021, The Transmission Gully Team put together a multidisciplinary team including asset managers, operational staff, and external experts.  This project highlights asset management excellence due to its holistic approach towards improving asset lifecycle management, optimising asset performance, reducing operational costs, and maintaining compliance with the highest industry standards.

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – June 21: Ventia Photo Library June 21, 2022 in Wellington, New Zealand. (Photo by Mark Tantrum/

A collection of images from Transport New Zealand, covering Northland Puketona, Auckland West, Whangarei & Thames-Coromandel from February 2023. Covering spray sealing, road maintenance and flood recovery works.

Achieving ISO 55001 certification was about embedding a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in asset management within Ventia. This process has endorsed our thinking and our approach asset management. Our approach to Asset Management delivers maximum value to our stakeholders and reduces risk.

Scoping:The project was initiated with a strong commitment from senior management, ensuring alignment with organisational goals and providing a clear vision for the certification process. A comprehensive project plan was developed, outlining the steps needed to achieve certification, including timelines, resources, and responsibilities.

Consultation: The process involved extensive consultations with internal stakeholders, external consultants, and Asset Management specialists. These engagements ensured a broad perspectives incorporating best practices in the development of the asset management system.

Certification: With Ventia’s existing system in place, internal audits were conducted to ensure compliance with ISO 55001 standards and to identify any areas for improvement.  The rigorous audit assessed our asset management system’s adherence to ISO 55001 standards, leading to the successful certification.

Continual Improvement: Our focus continues on maintaining compliance and striving for continual improvement. Regular reviews of the asset management system are happening to ensure it remains effective and continues to align ISO standards.