Keeping in touch with people in Wellington / Taranaki

Next meeting: Thursday 23 Feburary 2024, New Plymouth

Our first branch event for 2024 will be held in New Plymouth. You can book your tickets to this event here. 

In April we will be holding a branch event at the Wellington Airport, and then in November heading to Palmerston North. 

Keep an eye on our website or your inbox for these free branch events to be announced. 


We hope you can join us for a branch meeting near you in 2024!

Open to everyone

Our branch meetings are open to everyone, and we encourage Āpōpō members to bring colleagues along.

Mt Taranaki

Branch Chairperson

Raj Suppiah, Group Manager – Corporate, Tararua District Council



Raj was appointed to the Āpōpō Board in June 2019.

E: Raj Suppiah

Branch area

The Āpōpō Wellington / Taranaki Branch encompasses the following regional councils: Wellington, Manawatu-Whanganui, and Taranaki, but excluding Ruapehu District Council area. Click to see a map.

Branch meetings are like free mini-conferences
for people in Asset Management

Branch news

Upcoming local events

Ideas and suggestions?

If there is a topic you’d like to hear more on or to present on, please contact your branch chairperson.

Why attend?

These meetings provide learning, networking, and overall contribute to advancing our collective excellence as a profession. To quote one of our favourite presenters Dr Paul Wood:

“Challenge is the catalyst for growth”

Branch meetings are a vital avenue for challenging ourselves and stepping into our stretch zone.

Extend this learning opportunity to your younger team members.

Together we can build the next generation of public works professionals.

Free mini-conference

These meetings are a free mini-conference! 

Share this learning opportunity with younger team members, and let’s build the next generation of public works professionals.  

Bring them along to meet new contacts and network, learn from expert speakers, and present at future sessions. 

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Friday 28th February 2020, New Plymouth