Big news! The Āpōpō Guide is now available! Read more here: The Āpōpō Guide

In this article, we will take you further behind the scenes of the development of the Āpōpō Guide, and share an exclusive glimpse into the journey of developing a pioneering resource that weaves together te ao Māori and good practice asset management.

This guide is not just another publication; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration, expertise, and a shared commitment to shaping a more sustainable future through the application of infrastructure asset management excellence.

At its core, the Āpōpō Guide represents a convergence of insights, expertise, and knowledge. Our journey begins by curating content from diverse sources, including our Digital Badges, international standards, and other open-source and permitted guidance. This foundation serves as the basis upon which a remarkable collaboration is taking shape.

To develop, enrich and enhance the Āpōpō Guide content, we’re joined by contributors from some of the country’s leaders in asset management: Beca, WSP, GHD, Waugh Infrastructure, Adapt Solutions, and Aurecon. Their collective wisdom forms the foundation of the guide’s content, ensuring that it’s not just a document but a compendium of real-world experiences, expertise, and good practices.

Central to this process is our dedicated oversight group, composed of professionals with an understanding of asset management, te ao Māori, and storytelling. This group oversees the process and approach that incorporates and reflects both Treaty of Waitangi partners.

In October, we release the Āpōpō Guide to the world. But this is not an endpoint; it’s an invitation to a dynamic and engaging experience. The guide will be open for feedback, suggestions, and additions, fostering a community of learning and sharing. We believe in the power of collective wisdom, and this guide serves as a conduit for the thoughts, experiences, and insights of asset managers like you.

Stay tuned for the launch of the Āpōpō Guide – a testament to collaboration, expertise, and a vision of asset management that embraces the past, the present, and the future.

Hei konā mai,

Murray Pugh
Āpōpō – Infrastructure Asset Management Professionals