Te Ara Awataha Greenway Corridor Regeneration was a finalist project in the Waters category of the 2023 Asset Management Excellence Awards.

Te Ara Awataha is a new 1.5km blue-green corridor that links parks, the town centre, schools and homes in Auckland’s Northcote. Better walking and cycling connections and new natural and built amenity increases community wellbeing and neighbourhood coherence. Te Ara Awataha provides for low emission travel and contributes towards Northcote’s climate resilience.

Dramatic revitalisation of a suburban stream undergrounded for seventy years has brought unparalleled new amenity and community connections to Northcote in Auckland.

Northcote is undergoing major regeneration to provide new homes and better spaces for more people and to sustain its exciting future.

As old concrete covering the stream was removed, new habitats were created that now support thriving and diverse wildlife. Storm and wastewater systems were installed that handled unprecedented weather events in January 2023 with ease. New walking and cycling routes were constructed that link homes, schools, play and bump spaces.

Delivered via joint venture this blue-green corridor reduces flooding, improves water quality, provides water ecology learning opportunities and more closely connects the community to this natural taonga.