Previous councils across the Auckland Region had created their own engineering standards and details. To gain consistency of practice the asset groups have combined to create the Auckland Council Codes of practice – click here to view. They have focused on the assets that will become Council owned and maintained.

Engineering and surveying professionals have produced a variety of designs, of varying quality. An effort to save time on such small projects has led to the creation of this drawing. This drawing will be considered an acceptable solution for most residential driveways serving a small number of properties. We hope that this drawing will make the process a little easier and quicker.

The submitter must be satisfied that the design is appropriate for the site and will comply with the Unitary Plan and any other rules, Codes or conditions of consents.

The drawing does not require the use of reinforcing but it is recommended. This decision needs to be made based on the site conditions.

Alternative designs will be considered, but must clearly highlight any alteration, and rationale for it. The drawing shows several kerb options, please delete those that are not applicable.

Auckland Council hopes to share business improvements like these every month or two, to increase the overall quality of applications and make the process of land development easier for all involved.

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Glenn Broadbent
Principal Engineer
Regulatory Engineering
Auckland Council