Imagine having to fly an aircraft with no instruments. There is some information we would wish we had at our fingertips! Likewise, managing infrastructure requires complete and accurate information on the full extent of the network, its performance over time and the costs required to maintain and operate it. To this end the New Zealand Road Infrastructure Management Support Group (RIMS) have developed the Road Network Performance Monitoring & Management Guideline. The guideline will assist authorities in better decision making for investment in maintenance programmes through performance monitoring, reporting and management.

In striving for greater performance and value for money from their assets, RIMS identified that Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs) were looking for clear guidance on how to undertake performance analysis in a fit for propose manner.  Constraints on maintenance investment funds is placing additional pressures on RCA’s to tension investment strategies.  On one hand, authorities face funding constraints while on the other having to achieve agreed LoS measures with their communities. Constrained investment into the network requires enhanced understanding of network performance to manage the risk of creating an increasing future maintenance liability.  Early detection of this increased liability can only be done through effective performance monitoring.

Most authorities understand the need for improving the delivery of maintenance investment, and to be able to demonstrate they are good stewards of the network on behalf of their communities however research has found that few engineers truly understand the technical performance of networks. The guideline is intended to support RCAs in achieving this.

In this particular the guideline:

  • Documents and explains the hierarchies used for a performance management framework, this includes the differences between technical reporting versus customer reporting;
  • Advises RCAs on the strong points and weak areas of specific measures considered during performance reporting;
  • Explains how performance management could be used in order to develop specific strategies for managing performance under the ONRC;
  • Suggests what data to collect and when;
  • Gives some practical guidance of the statistical aspects related to performance management. i.e. “How should the interpretation of performance reporting information be undertaken”

The guideline is aligned with the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) and ISO 55,000.

The Road Network Performance Monitoring & Management Guideline will be formally launched at the RIMS Forum in Napier on 25 & 26 March 2020. For more information and an early look at the guideline – click here.