Morphum Environmental is excited to announce our sponsorship of IPWEA NZ’s third Environment and Sustainability Award.  For the 2021 NZ Excellence Awards, IPWEA continue to recognise and commit to showcasing excellence in environment and sustainability, something Morphum is proud to support through sponsoring this award.  The aim is to promote examples of projects that have not only identified and managed environmental impacts but have also improved the quality of the environment in a tangible and ongoing way.  The award will be presented to the winner at the IPWEA NZ Annual Conference taking place 7-9 September, in Auckland.

Caleb Clarke, one of the Directors of Morphum, said solutions created today must meet the needs of tomorrow. Taking a holistic approach to balancing environmental regeneration with growth and development is vital. The continuation and growing interest in this award reflects positive changes in the industry. “Morphum has been striving for better environmental outcomes for nearly 21 years and it’s fantastic to see IPWEA NZ embracing and recognising industry leaders who are making a true difference.”

We are always looking for ways to support sustainability and the industry and we are excited to see the great nominations for this fantastic award.

IPWEA NZ Chief Executive Murray Pugh has welcomed Morphum Environmental’s sponsorship of the Environment and Sustainability Award as a leading example of the sector supporting excellence in such a critical current and future issue.  “IPWEA NZ is delighted that Morphum is sponsoring our Environment and Sustainability Excellence Award.  Promoting the achievement of excellence in this field is critical to New Zealand playing our part in the world as an environmental and sustainability leader and enabling us to create a future we will be proud of.

About Morphum

Morphum Environmental is an environmental engineering, science and sustainability consultancy with offices in New Zealand and Australia.  We offer services in civil engineering, three waters, environmental assessments, water sensitive urban design, geospatial services, sustainability and community engagement. Our multi-disciplinary team provide pragmatic solutions addressing the complex challenges of today for tomorrow.

Practical sustainability is a key value for Morphum which underpins all our work. Through collaboration with a diverse network of clients, changemakers and communities the team implements sustainable practices and regenerates environments to leave a flourishing ecosystem for future generations to thrive.  We have been CarboNZero accredited since 2011.

Our Work

Morphum undertakes a wide variety of projects working with clients in New Zealand and Australia. Some of our projects include: