Natasha Baldwin recently gained the prestigious title of First Graduate – of IPWEA NZ’s 4th Digital Badge to be released, ‘AM 204 – Asset Management Enablers”.  IPWEA NZ’s Communications Manager Freda Wells caught up with her to ask what she thinks of the badges so far.

FW: What is your educational background in?

NB: I have a BSc in Chemistry and Geology and I am nearing completion of my Post Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management. My work experience has included working in the oil and gas industry, mining industry and regulatory compliance.

FW: What is your role at DIA and what are your main responsibilities?

NB: My role at DIA is the Senior Legislative Compliance Analyst in the Property Group. Essentially my role is to ensure that our Property Group have the tools (training, systems, policies, processes etc.) to ensure that our buildings meet our legislative requirements.

FW: How have completing these 4 badges changed the way you approach your work?

NB: The badges have shown me how important my role is in Asset Management and that by making some small tweaks to the way I undertake my work, I can add value to the Departments Asset Management journey.

FW: Have these badges left you feeling more confident and capable in your role? (possibly covered in previous question)

NB: The courses have increased my confidence in having Asset Management discussions as part of my BAU work.

FW: What do you enjoy most about your work

NB: The best thing about my job is when my colleagues take the things that I have taught them, applied the concepts successfully to their projects and then passed the information and knowledge onto other colleagues  – I have had lots of “Proud Mum” moments in the past couple of years since being at the DIA.

FW: What did you most enjoy about the badges?

NB: The thing I enjoyed the most was learning about what other organisations are doing in this space through the case studies.

FW: What would you say to others who are considering completing these badges?

NB: Give them a go!

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