Kelly LaValley is the new Chair of the LDEG – Land Development Engineering Group. Having been instrumental in the success of the 2021 LDEG Forum, we’re excited to see her taking the Helm of the LDEG group and bring her energy and enthusiasm into this hugely important space. Land Development Engineers encounter unique challenges in their work, and make decisions that can have real long-term impacts to communities and cities. We asked her to share a little bit more about herself and her vision for LDEG going forward….

Tell us about yourself?

I am currently the Project Delivery Manager for Waimakariri District Council which sees me oversee at team of 35 engineers and support professionals including a team of 8 dedicated to land development. I am a Chartered Professional Engineer and have over 18 years of civil and environmental engineering experience. Prior to arriving at Waimakariri District Council 8 years ago, I was a consultant engineer in the United States. I love to run, especially long distances and on trails, and have completed several marathons. I am also a keen tramper and just generally like being active outdoors with my family.

What strengths do you bring to the Land Development Special Interest Group Chair role?

In my time at Waimakariri District Council the district has grown at an incredible pace so I bring extensive land development expertise to the Land Development Special Interest Group Chair role. Not only do I have an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of land development, but I also understand that the key to good development is partnership and the key to partnership is relationships.

How will you support IPWEA NZ’s mahi in Land Development?

IPWEA NZ has an important role to play in land development and the Land Development Special Interest Group’s mahi seeks to promote growth in the industry. Over the next year, I look to support this mahi through planning of the annual LDEG Forum, progression of the review and update of NZS 4404, and development of training specific to land development engineers.

The 2022 Land Development Engineering Forum is scheduled for next March in Tauranga, offering networking, latest thinking and lesson-learned in the land development engineering space.