The sea level rise report prepared by Tonkin + Taylor for Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) was the winner of the Excellence in Strategic Planning category at the 2019 IPWEA NZ Excellence Awards last evening.

A first for New Zealand and possibly the world, this report for LGNZ estimated the quantity and replacement value of local government-owned infrastructure exposed to sea level rise, and provided guidance and recommendations for the local government sector in order to manage and address these issues. It was designed to provide quantitative evidence, clear focus and an imperative for action on an issue that affects all coastal councils and communities in New Zealand.

The full report, ‘Vulnerable: The quantum of local government infrastructure exposed to sea level rise,’ is available here.

Pictured from left: Samantha Gain (IPWEA NZ), Thomas Simonson (LGNZ), James Hughes (Tonkin Taylor), Rebekah Robertson (Tonkin+Taylor), Morgan Lindsay (Tonkin+Taylor), Myles Lind (IPWEA NZ)