LDEG Special Interest Group

The purpose of the Land Development Engineering Group (LDEG) is to provide leadership and strategic advice on best practice to the New Zealand Land Development Engineering industry.

LDEG is the only specialist land development engineering group in New Zealand, bringing professionals together to give them a collective voice, and to provide an avenue for building a shared vision.

About LDEG

LDEG is the Land Development Engineering Group, established under INGENIUM (now Āpōpō) in June 2010.

LDEG was set up to provide leadership and strategic advice to the New Zealand Land Development Industry on best practice Land Development Engineering.

The LDEG group was formed as a result of a cooperative  effort by local government civil engineers, planners, land  developers, and consultants from throughout New Zealand.

Who are Land Development Engineers?

Land development Engineers play a key role in the development of all of New Zealand's communities. They advise on the impact on infrastructure of new developments and community improvements.

While employed by most local bodies, their profile is not well known and many work in sole positions, often in isolation.

LDEG provides the opportunity for these professionals to be a part of a wider network, to come together and share learnings and discuss common issues.

We believe

We believe there should be greater standardisation in the industry in New Zealand, and see a core role for us in leading the way for the creation of a complete and consistent set of standards and best practices.