In the 2021 IPWEA NZ Asset Management Excellence Awards, The Piritahi Alliance was awarded the Excellence in Environment and Sustainability Award for the Piritahi House Removal Programme, which diverts thousands of tonnes of construction waste away from landfill by recycling materials and where possible relocating the whole home. The House Removal Programme (HRP) went on to win the inaugural Kōmata O Te Rangi Taonga Supreme Award. The team at Piritahi shared the below:

We are sharing this very special achievement with all of our partners in the true spirit of alliancing. Over the next few months, we will be presenting Kōmata O Te Rangi to our home companies. Kāinga Ora will be the final recipient of it before we hand it back to IPWEA NZ. The Roadshow sees Mat Tucker, General Manager for Piritahi, and key members of the Delivery team who work on the House Removal Programme, attending staff forums at home companies and talking about the award, the work behind it and positioning the win as one we can all share in.

To-date, the trophy has been presented to Woods and Dempsey Wood. The roadshow runs in a passing-of-the mantle Olympic torch style, with the rangatira of each home company passing it on to the next home company, who briefly house it pride of place before it is presented to the next home company. Tonkin + Taylor, Harrison Grierson and Hicks are scheduled for upcoming presentations before Kōmata O Te Rangi visits our sites and is ultimately presented to Kāinga Ora.

Images: Mark Williams, Director of Woods and Mat Tucker, General Manager, The Piritahi Alliance.
Kusay Bearakat, Construction Manager, The Piritahi Alliance; Mark Williams, Director, Woods; Michael Lunjevich, Director, Commercial, Dempsey Wood and Tony Boynton, Head of commercial and Finance, The Piritahi Alliance.