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Welcome to the third post in our series leading up to the launch of the Āpōpō Guide. Today, we want to highlight the alignment of the guide with the internationally recognised ISO 55000:2014 standards for asset management.

As we bring together content for the Āpōpō Guide we are carefully aligning with the principles and practices outlined in ISO 55000, ensuring that it reflects the global best practices in asset management. This alignment allows asset management professionals in Aotearoa New Zealand to benefit from an internationally recognised framework while tailoring it to our unique local context.

ISO 55000 provides a solid foundation for effective asset management, and the Āpōpō Guide expands upon it by weaving it together with the principles of te ao Māori. By combining ISO 55000, Māori values, cultural responsiveness, and collaboration into the guide, we create a more comprehensive resource that embraces our cultural heritage and supports sustainable asset management practices.

Many of you will already know that ISO 55000 is currently undergoing revisions to further enhance its guidance on asset management. We are keeping abreast of these changes and the Āpōpō Guide is designed to adapt, ensuring that it remains relevant and up-to-date with the evolving international standards.

Having a guide specifically tailored to the New Zealand context is invaluable. The Āpōpō Guide considers the unique challenges and opportunities present in our country, providing practical guidance that reflects our cultural values and addresses the specific needs of our infrastructure asset management community.

In our next email, we will introduce an exclusive interview with one of our contributing authors. You won’t want to miss the valuable insights and expertise they will share.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey towards the launch of the Āpōpō Guide. Stay tuned for more updates. Or, check out our website:

Hei konā mai
Murray Pugh
Āpōpō – Infrastructure Asset Management Professionals