Back in September 2019, the team at IPWEA NZ could not have predicted the pace at which our freshly launched digital badges programme would take off. The rate of badge registrations has confirmed the need that digital badges were designed to address – a looming asset management skills shortage and a dirth of accessible and affordable training.  The journey from original idea to badge launch has been several years, and they wouldn’t exist without the support of TEC and E2E, and the passion, drive and vision of individuals such as Vaughn Crowther, Steve Browning, and many others.

In so many areas of our lives, the overlap of evolving needs and technological advancements, has enabled some exciting innovations. Training is no different, and eLearning has transformed how we upskill, get qualified, and build and shape or career – rapidly.

Digital Badges are micro-credentials – these are bite-sized or ‘mini’ qualifications, completed online, that certify a graduate with a specific skill. The badge can be used digitally, such as attached to a linkedin profile; acting as an online CV to support career growth and development.

The beauty of digital badges is their accessibility and size – adapted to fit our busy modern lives. Each badge takes between two and four hours to complete, contributing to the badges’ popularity.

Another factor influencing the popularity of the badges, has been an increase in the industry’s appreciation of the value of asset management principles and processes in the success of our sector.  Badge registrants are coming from increasingly diverse areas including private sector, and central government, in addition to our traditional local government trainees. In some cases entire teams have completed the full set of digital badges, as managers recognise the importance and tangible benefits of every team member understanding the concepts and terminology of asset management, and of the importance of everyone having a shared language for the various processes within their organisation.  They also double as an excellent team-building exercise.  The value of different parts of a business understanding the OTHER parts of the business, also has it’s benefits.

IPWEA NZ’s first four digital badges cover the fundamentals of asset management, and further badges are in the process of being developed, addressing more advanced concepts and practices.

To find out more about digital badges – click here.