We’re excited to announce a new addition to our team here at IPWEA NZ, Product Manager Mike Curry. Mike brings with him a wealth of experience, which he will apply to managing and developing of our products to meet the ever evolving needs of our members, the sector and communities. We asked Mike to introduce himself, but because he is too humble to blow his own trumpet, we will also proudly add that he is award-winning at what he does. He also comes with a potplant called Robert, who grows so prolifically that he is regularly split off to provide off-cuts, could this be a new product in our product range? …

I come to IPWEA NZ from the community sector, most recently Citizens Advice Bureau NZ. My previous experience includes project management and particularly elearning projects. At the Citizens Advice Bureau we offered a suite of around 60 online learning sessions. I’m excited to bring that experience to IPWEA NZ and work on the digital badges, as well as the IIMM and other manuals and guidelines.

I live in Upper Hutt with my wife, two kids and dog. I enjoy playing squash in the evenings and chasing the kids around on weekends. I love hearing a good story so I’ve often got a podcast or audiobook playing, and I enjoy simple DIY projects – especially in the garden.

I’m full time at IPWEA NZ so you can email me any time at: mike.curry@ipwea.org