We’re delighted to share the 2022 finalists for the IPWEA NZ Asset Management Excellence Awards!

This year we received a high calibre of award entries from projects stretching across the motu and covering every asset class! Thank you to everyone from councils, consultants and contractors around Aotearoa who entered the awards. Every project is contributing to our vision of creating sustainable communities enabled by public asset management excellence.

Read on to find out more about each project!

Excellence in Asset Management, sponsored by Waugh

The finalists in the  Waugh Asset Management Excellence Award Category are:

Asset Management & Systems – Auckland Transport Pathways – WSP & Auckland Transport

The Auckland Transport Pathways contract saw the development and implementation of an advanced condition monitoring and operations planning system for pathway maintenance. This completed collaboratively by WSP and AT.

The system brings together:

• Automated pathway fault collection using artificial intelligence

• Evidence based candidate site list development through operations research

• Prioritisation of renewals to align with budget

The end results in a scalable process that gives power of data and insight to efficiently maintain the 8000km of pathways in Auckland.

With emission targets driving mode shift towards micro mobility, future focused asset managers must ensure that a robust asset management system is in place so that new pathways are maintained cost-effectively.

Digital Twins for Optimal Asset Management – Hastings District Council & WSP

Taking state-of-the-art technology, used almost exclusively to design and construct new builds until now, and adapting it for the management of existing buildings has already saved Council time and money. By building a virtual replica of Toitoi Hawke’s Bay Arts and Events Centre, asset managers can access the details of every aspect of each element that makes up a building at just one click, and remotely monitor the ‘comfortableness’ and performance of the building. Hastings District Council is believed to be the first in New Zealand to apply this technology to existing buildings. Toitoi’s digital twin is providing a more efficient and effective business model that streamlines asset management processes.

Thank you to Waugh Infrastructure Management for their ongoing support of the Asset Management Excellence Award Category.

Excellence in Environment & Sustainability, sponsored by Morphum

The finalist in the Morphum Environment & Sustainability Category is:

SH10 Culvert Replacement – WSP, Waka Kotahi & Fulton Hogan

This project was driven by the objective to rectify wrongs done decades before to the local community when the construction of a causeway with a small, undersized culvert was constructed, blocking of access to the water for local Iwi and the community. The bridge and the associated channel have restored water flow to the environment, regenerating the wetland that existed before.

Thank you to Morphum Environmental for their ongoing support of the Environment & Sustainability Award Category.

Excellence in Project Innovation

The finalists in the Project Innovation Category are:

Innovating Streets, Nelson South – Stantec, Nelson City Council

The project was generated from the ground up through the community seeking safer and calmer streets. The foundations of the project generated two further projects that collectively resulted in a transformational residential urban change that exceeded everyone’s expectations including the early sceptics.

The project has not been easy, it was subject to abuse and vandalism. However, steadfast leadership from Council and community champions, provided the license to press on. The data is now telling the story and the community are reclaiming this area as a place for people first. The collective outcomes crossing the project has brought non-traditional roading stakeholders together to generate positive transport outcomes and generated sustainable and equality outcomes within the community.

Three Waters Collaboration – Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Tauranga City Council, Watercare Services Ltd

A single, water-specific technology platform was needed to support the joint 3 waters operations and maintenance contract and future capabilities of Western Bay of Plenty and Tauranga City Councils. Watercare Services Limited (WSL) recognised the mutual benefits of hosting, partnering and collaborating on a ‘way of working’ project to deliver long-term, economically sustainable outcomes for all of our customers. A decision was taken to jointly invest in a platform that provides an integrated, managed solution for work order, asset, and geospatial data management, where all organisations would work in common. The scale of this project was large – 643,000 assets and 80,000 water meters with the system needing to provide functionality for the issuing of 13,000 work orders each year.

Excellence in Road Safety

The finalists in the Road Safety Category are:

SH58 Improvements Stage 1 – Stantec, Waka Kotahi & Downer

This regional route provides critical east-west access from State Highway 2 to State Highway 1 and has a history of high severity crashes.  Completion of the Stage 1 work has improved the safety on 2.7km between SH2 and Mount Cecil Road.

The works include removal of the most challenging bends, provision of uphill crawler lanes and installation of median and roadside safety barriers. The road pavement has been strengthened to cater for future traffic growth and traffic cameras installed to help monitor the road and keep people up to date with the latest traffic and travel information.

These changes provide better visibility, more safety features, and a smoother, less demanding journey, which will help stop people being killed or seriously injured on this road.

Tauroa Road Boardwalk and Shared Path – WSP, Hastings District Council, Downer

The Tauroa Road Boardwalk was built in response to calls from the community to make the area safer for road users. The location had been a safety risk for motorists, walkers & cyclists all using the same narrow road space. The boardwalk provides a practical off-road shared walking & cycling link improving the safety for all modes.

An impressive 200m long structure built over undulating terrain, it is three metres wide to accommodate usage by both pedestrians and bikers. More than 160 poles were used in its construction, ranging from 4 to 12 metres in height.

The Council co-funded this project with help from the Government’s Provincial Growth Fund. This magnificent piece of engineering shows what can happen when community, central and local government work together to achieve a goal.

Excellence in Water Project

The finalists in the Water Project Category are:

Hamilton City Council’s Three Waters Resilience Study – Beca & Hamilton City Council

HCC is on a journey to improve the resilience of its 3 waters activities. This project represents a ‘sprint at the start’. The project commenced with a detailed scoping and planning activity which informed the subsequent phases. This project delivered a number of assessments to determine Council’s current level of resilience, provided tools and developed a roadmap that will help HCC improve the 4R’s of resilience: Readiness, Reduction, Response, and Recovery.

Malvern Street Sewer Renewal and Protection – WSP, Dunedin City Council, Isaac Construction Limited

What started off as a sewer renewal quickly expanded into a complex multi-disciplinary project designed to meet a number of inter-related objectives. Close collaboration between the Contractor, Principal, and Designer allowed for a truly unique and collaborative concept design phase. The confluence of hydraulic, structural, geotechnical and environmental expertise then led to development of a final design which met all of the project objectives while minimising the risk of construction delays and cost over-runs. The final solution has ensured security of the sewer pipeline against accidental discharge in an efficient and cost-effective manner, while also improving the health, surety, and amenity of the Water of Leith, its inhabitants, and the local community alike.