I’m the brand new Membership Engagement Manager here at IPWEA NZ. It is a new role which I’m really excited to get stuck into, and hopefully I will get to know many of you.

Prior to a year of quality time with our new baby I was working in communications in passenger rail as the Customer Experience and Communications Manager for Transdev. Working directly with customers and staff to improve their experience was a highlight in that role. Internally we rolled out an extremely popular staff app to get up to the minute information out to the team, particularly during rail disruptions and major changes such as COVID alert levels. I bring this customer-centric focus to IPWEA NZ.

I lived in Canada for six years where I really enjoyed working at a multi-disciplinary Engineering company in Vancouver which had a cycling and running club. I’m looking forward to meeting equally passionate engineers involved with IPWEA NZ.

I plan to take IPWEA NZ membership engagement to a new level, including finding ways to support the volunteers who keep this organisation run such as the Branch Chairs – but I will need your input! There really seems to be momentum in our growing team to make change, so hopefully you notice improvements in our offerings over the coming months.

Outside of work I love spending time in the great outdoors – whether biking home from work, going for a waterfront run, or walking up Mt Kaukau. Before baby I frequently got out on the water in a kayak or rowing boat. As a creative outlet I usually have some kind of crochet or sewing project on the go. I prefer to adlib the process rather than following a pattern. I take the same creative approach to cooking with mixed results.

I am really looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible at the conference in September, so do stop in at the booth and say hello.