We are looking for your input into preparing Āpōpō’s submission to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee for its Enquiry into Climate Adaptation.  The enquiry is to develop and recommend high-level objectives and principles for the design of a climate change adaptation model for New Zealand, to support the development of policy and legislation to address climate adaptation.  The Committee will consider: 

    a. the nature of the climate adaptation problem New Zealand faces 

    b. frameworks for investment and cost-sharing 

    c. roles and responsibilities 

    d. climate risk and response information-sharing 

    e. other relevant matters 

What is your asset management response to climate adaptation?  Do you have a case study prepared which demonstrates a principle or objective you feel is relevant?  What asset management principles could support an effective climate change adaptation model for New Zealand?  How can infrastructure asset management professionals lead climate adaptation to minimise negative impacts and maximise positive opportunities?  Please contact murray.pugh@apopo.co.nz with your thoughts on these or similar questions by Friday 7 June 2024. 

 Interested in this topic but not yet in a position to contribute to our submission?  Digital Badge CC 101 Introduction to Climate Adaptation in Asset Management could help your thinking.  

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