Register Your Interest for Congress 2025!

When? 14-16 May 2025

Where? Te Pae, Christchurch

Theme: Delivering Infrastructure Value

    In 2025 we consider our economic wellbeing and all the elements involved in delivering infrastructure value.

    And it couldn’t be a better time in our country to focus on value and costs.

    We all know that the cost of infrastructure is in the media. Affordability is headline material. For good reason. We are facing a period of infrastructure investment (and reinvestment) that is critical for people of today and the next generation.

    Our country keeps growing, we need to pay for new infrastructure, upgrades and renewal. We need to spend to maintain what we already have, in the face of rising costs and degrading performance and condition.

    So we have to find the money. But people will only pay for things they value. We need to communicate the value of infrastructure. And give confidence that each dollar spent is delivering infrastructure value.

    This is a fantastic challenge – and is at the heart of what we do as infrastructure asset management professionals. We have to ensure that every dollar spent is spent wisely – through the principles of asset management driving sound decision making. Through a dedication to infrastructure value we have a direct impact on the quality of life for all New Zealander’s - improving wellbeing in balance with our economic capacity.

    Please join us for the Āpōpō Congress 2025: Delivering Infrastructure Value.