A recent update for our sector is how LookSee, who were part of last year’s IPEWA conference, has responded to change brought on by COVID-19. LookSee focused on creating a sector solution for talent, largely around skilled migrants joining our industry. This is a service used by many of our members. Here’s an update on future skills demand and how LookSee has adapted to ensure we attract and retain the talent to BUILDNZ NOW.

We want to support the current situation and future infrastructure demands by leveraging the collaborative nature of LookSee that already exists as we work with over 80 organisations in the infrastructure sector. ​

The focus for the sector now is to restart and create the flow of work. BUILDNZ NOW allow organisations to showcase their projects and opportunities while connecting organisations with skilled infrastructure talent now and in the future. ​

There are three key pillars:

1. Inform

This is your organisation’s chance to showcase your purpose, projects, and pending opportunities. It’s a great opportunity to inform your region, New Zealand, and the world what is happening. This information will be aggregated to form a national view on activity.

2. Find

Find talent from your region, New Zealand, and the world; perhaps local talent looking to develop and pivot into the industry, skilled migrants in New Zealand, or an experienced professional relocating or looking for a change.

3. Develop

For now, this is an aggregation of the existing information and development programmes across the sector in one place, acting as a resource for candidates. We will also offer employers the chance to present webinars and training for those coming into the industry.

The full site will be developed over the next month to show case projects and opportunity across New Zealand, while their team is here to help you engage talent that is looking to be part of NZ infrastructure’s future.

You can view the website at: www.buildnznow.co.nz to find out more about BUILDNZ NOW, or get in contact with Hamish Price – hamish.price@hainesattract.co.nz, 027 568 0641 or Carly Ford carly.ford@looksee.co.nz, 027 444 4622.