It has come to the time of year where Branch Chairs are to be elected for the upcoming 2022-2023 year! Our Branches are a key part of IPWEA NZ and provide the opportunity for members to come together for networking with other industry professionals across their region. Branch Meetings share insight into technical and management work taking place across the country.

IPWEA NZ has five branches across Aotearoa. These branches directly support over 900 individual members. For more information about each of the branches, and for information about upcoming events you can visit the branch pages here.

Branch Chairs play a critical role in engaging with local members and providing thought-provoking meetings for the exchange of knowledge and an opportunity to discuss common issues.

You can read more about our current Board Members (elected and Branch Chairs) and IPWEA NZ’s mission here.

Why should you become a branch chair?

The role of Branch Chair is a fantastic addition to your CV, showing your leadership in the Asset Management industry. The role can often progress to an elected board member role.

How to nominate yourself for the role

To nominate yourself, simply download the below Nomination form. Complete the required fields online, including a short statement about yourself and why you’d be suitable for the role.

Download Nomination Form

Once complete, have two other IPWEA NZ Members sign your nomination form in support and email it to us at

Be quick! Nominations close Friday 19th August at 5pm!