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Welcome to the seventh article in our series leading up to the launch of the Āpōpō Guide. Today, we share an interview with one of the Āpōpō Guide’s contributors, Colin Gerrard.

Colin Gerrard is an Executive Advisor for the Advisory team at GHD. Colin has been involved with Āpōpō for several years, including being part of the organising committee for the National Asset Management Support (NAMS) Forum. GHD have been one of our partners and sponsors for many years.

Colin sat down with us to tell us how his industry experience of the operational aspects of asset management has been channeled into the Strategies for Operational Success section of the Āpōpō Guide.

In the interview, Colin shares how from his experience, he’s found that those with strong asset management systems, culture, and processes are the most able to successfully deliver their services.

He touches on how as a nation we’re improving our thinking around how we operate and develop assets, and how that can have far-reaching impacts on our communities, cultural heritage, and overall wellbeing.

Combining his operational and consulting experience, Colin discusses the need to approach asset management by combining innovating with cultural responsiveness to achieve a holistic world-view. This is supported by weaving in the te ao Māori principles of kaitiakitanga (guardianship over assets), tikanga (customs and protocols we are guided by), and whanaungatanga (building relationships between people and communities).

Hear more about Colin’s experience and involvement in the Guide in the full interview (above).

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey towards the launch of the Āpōpō Guide. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we get closer and closer to the Guide’s launch. Check out our website for past emailed content and more information.