Implementation of the Asset Management Data Standard (AMDS) will be Road Controlling Authority (RCA) led. This approach recognises that RCAs are different and have individual operating environments. It provides RCAs with flexibility about how they manage their AMDS implementation.

AMDS implementation is phased over five years starting 1 July 2022 and completing by 30 June 2027. It is expected that all RCAs will have adopted AMDS by 30 June 2027.

To support RCAs, Waka Kotahi will provide an Implementation Playbook which includes guidance, tools, and templates to use during the adoption of AMDS.

Waka Kotahi is directly contacting all RCAs to discuss the implementation of AMDS.

What can RCAs do now to prepare for implementation of the AMDS?

There are several activities RCAs can undertake now to prepare for implementation of AMDS. These include assessing:

  • the stabilised asset output files on the AMDS website
  • internal business and change strategy programmes
  • funding process, and roles and responsibilities for implementation
  • system integrations and data.
AMDS Implementation insights

To help RCAs get ready for AMDS implementation, Waka Kotahi is testing and validating the ability to implement the standard with the RCAs, maintenance contractors and professional services through our prototype activities.

Activities include working with:
  • Marlborough Roads to validate data migration and training approaches
  • Wellington City Council to investigate and document integrations.

Prototype work is continuing with learnings being shared with the sector to support implementation.

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